Sun Paper Executive Addresses Capacity Crowd in Arkadelphia

Sun Bio Products was well represented with Andrzej Bednarski as the keynote speaker for the 24th Annual Business Administration Day Luncheon at Ouachita Baptist University. He is the international project manager for Shandong Sun Paper, the largest privately owned papermaking enterprise in China, assisting in the implementation of Sun Bio Products, the $1.3 billion bio products mill soon to call Arkadelphia, Arkansas home. 

Bednarski, spoke at the annual community and campus partnered event in front of an audience of over 350. Bednarski, who joined Sun Paper in 2011, provided an in-depth history of Sun Paper since its inception in 1982, outlined the humble origins of Sun Paper’s founder, Chairman Li, and transitioned through the evolution of Sun Paper today. Bednarski noted the search, from Mozambique to Australia, for a prime location for the venture, stating the company’s excitement for the partnership and continued efforts in Arkadelphia. 

Sun Paper was established in 1982 and is headquartered in Yanzhou City, Shandong Province. The business of Sun Paper covers many fields from papermaking, foreign trade, power, scientific research, and forestry. After 30 years of development, Sun Paper is a globally advanced transactional papermaking group. Not only is Sun Paper the largest privately owned papermaking enterprise in China, it is also one of China’s top 500 enterprises and has been named one of the world’s top 100 papermaking companies. 

As Sun Bio Products transitions to Arkadelphia, Arkansas, Shandong Sun Paper has developed a team to assist them in navigating the development of their first investment in the United States. The team includes, Poyry Engineering Consultants of Finland; Mullenix & Associates LLC of Little Rock; and Quattlebaum, Grooms & Tull, PLLC of Little Rock.