Big River Steel Leading The Way in Steel Mill Innovation

The world’s first Flex Mill™ is only a few months into production and already shaping a new industrial economy for Northeast Arkansas. Dave Stickler, Big River Steel’s CEO, is no stranger to innovation and with the 1,300-acre site, he is pushing the boundaries of what steel can do. Embracing the use of automation and technology sets BRS apart in the steel industry by combining big data, software, and the latest equipment to create a steel mill capable of identifying and correcting production problems with minimal manual intervention.

“People ask me, ‘Dave, why do you keep doing these projects? They’re hard. They’re time-consuming.’ Well, they’re also fun, any time you take a farm field and, within 20 to 24 months, turn it into a thriving business with highly motivated, well-compensated employees, that’s worth it right there.”

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