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Ted Mullenix

CEO, Political Strategist, Lobbyist 

Ted Mullenix
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In 1983, Ted Mullenix ran against a long-time incumbent legislator for the Arkansas House of Representatives. Ted won the legislative seat and subsequently served sixteen years in the Arkansas Legislature, winning every election in which he ran.

During his tenure, Ted became experienced in working through the state budget process and developed the skills required for success in developing and passing legislation. He also developed many lasting relationships with his legislative colleagues and staff members who served the legislative and executive branches of Arkansas government. Ted values the friendship of many who still remain in key state government positions because of their expertise in specific issue areas and their vast knowledge of the process.

When term limits became effective in 1999, Ted and his partner, Julie Mullenix, founded a governmental relations and consulting firm. Mullenix & Associates LLC is now recognized as one of the top lobbying and consulting firms in Arkansas. The firm’s client list reflects the work ethic and integrity Ted was known for while serving as a member of the Arkansas General Assembly.

"The legislative process is very fascinating and due to term limits there is a constant need for new strategies. We would love the opportunity to discuss your consulting needs in Arkansas."

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