Meet Our Team


Ted Mullenix


“A love for Arkansas politics, Arkansas values and how it all comes together at the State Capitol continues to fascinate me and hopefully is a great asset for our clients as we achieve their goals.”

In 1983, Ted Mullenix opened Hot Springs, Arkansas’ first family music show and ran against an incumbent for the Arkansas House of Representatives. Ted won the legislative seat and subsequently served sixteen years in the Arkansas Legislature.

During his tenure, Ted became experienced in working through the state budget process and developed the skills required for success in developing and passing legislation. He also developed many lasting relationships with staff members of the legislative and executive branches of Arkansas government. Ted values the friendship of many who still remain in state government positions because of their expertise in specific issue areas and their vast knowledge of the process.

When term limits became effective in 1999, Ted and his partner, Julie Mullenix, founded a governmental relations and consulting firm. Mullenix & Associates LLC is now recognized as one of the top lobbying and consulting firms in Arkansas. The firm’s client list reflects the work ethic and integrity Ted was known for while serving as a member of the Arkansas General Assembly.

“The legislative process is very fascinating and due to term limits there is a constant need for new strategies. We would love the opportunity to discuss your consulting needs in Arkansas.”


Julie Mullenix


“The opportunity to meet and build relationships with people from every part of Arkansas who have a common desire to serve people and promote our great state is the most rewarding part of my work.”

Julie Mullenix is a lobbyist and legal counsel for Mullenix & Associates LLC. Julie joined Ted Mullenix in 1999 in founding Mullenix & Associates LLC, a governmental relations and consulting firm that is now recognized as one of the top lobbying firms in Arkansas.

Julie assists clients in setting strategy and actively participates in lobbying legislators to achieve client goals. She is also available to assist clients with legal needs associated with pursuing a legislative agenda. Mullenix & Associates LLC has enjoyed great success attaining the legislative goals of their clients. The hours of prioritizing and planning come together each session as the General Assembly meets at the State Capitol.

“We view our work as part of our lifestyle and enjoy the challenges and opportunities that come with each new issue. I love working to achieve the goals of our clients.”


Austin Grinder


Austin Grinder is an Arkansas licensed attorney. He recently received his law degree from the University of Arkansas School of Law, in Fayetteville, where he graduated with honors. He did his undergraduate work at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, and received a degree in Political Science.

Austin has been interested in politics most of his life and has sought out internships over the years that reflect that interest. He has worked as a United States Senate Intern for Senator John Boozman; as an intern at the State Supreme Court for Justice Courtney Goodson; and as an intern at the McWilliams Governmental Affairs firm in Austin, Texas. He also clerked at Quattlebaum, Grooms and Tull in northwest Arkansas.