Julie Mullenix

Attorney, Lobbyist

Lobbyist, attorney Julie Mullenix in the Arkansas state Capitol

Julie Mullenix is a lobbyist and legal counsel for Mullenix & Associates LLC. Julie joined Ted Mullenix in 1999 in founding Mullenix & Associates LLC, a governmental relations and consulting firm that is now recognized as one of the top lobbying firms in Arkansas.

Julie assists clients in setting strategy and actively participates in lobbying legislators to achieve client goals. She is also available to assists clients with legal  needs associated with pursuing a legislative agenda. Mullenix & Associates LLC has enjoyed great success attaining the legislative goals of their clients. The hours of prioritizing and planning come together each session as the General Assembly meets at the State Capitol.

“We view our work as part of our lifestyle and enjoy the challenges and opportunities that come with each new issue. I love working to achieve the goals of our clients.”