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July 16, 2020
Arkansas Businesses Are Responding To COVID-19

NASL members Mullenix & Associates reports with over 30,000 confirmed cases and over 300 deaths, Arkansas continues to be in a state of emergency and is currently considered a hot spot for COVID-19. We have adapted to working remotely to ensure the health and safety of both our team and clients.

Arkansas like all states have been very concerned by the impact of COVID-19 on our budget. Arkansas is blessed with a constitutional “revenue stabilization act” which means we cannot spend more money than we take in. Arkansas just enjoyed a 360 million dollar increase over a revised budget assuring funding for educational system, health department and state agencies.

Mullenix & Associates in working with our clients has supported our state during pandemic:

• MCNA Dental has donated $20,000 to the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance. Their                donation will help Arkansans who are fighting food insecurity during this time.

• RAVE MOBILE SAFETY has partnered with Arkansas Division of Emergency Management to send timely, COVID-19 related text alerts. Arkansans can opt-in by texting “COVID19ARK” to 67283.

• CISCO(R) is offering Webex AT NO CHARGE. All state agencies, officials, and employees were offered unlimited usage on the most secure collaboration platform globally to successfully get through this difficult time.

• SAP/Qualtrics is offering a FREE solution for COVID-19 Pre-Screen & Routing, XM Solution. A general questionnaire for state and local governments is shared digitally via website, text, or email. that will quickly direct citizens to the right public information resources based on their need to help identify individuals who may require testing for COVID-19 based on CDC guidelines regarding symptoms, exposure, etc.

• While continuing to produce steel tubing, Atlas Tube is putting employees first. Atlas has implemented all CDC and local government COVID-19 safety guidelines. All employees not directly involved in manufacturing are currently working from home with full pay. There has currently been no reduction in workforce.

• Big River Steel (BRS) is taking care of all their valued employees. Those not directly involved in production or are affected by a school closure are currently working from home with full pay. Production employees are still at work in an environment with newly imposed COVID-19 safety measures in place and currently receive full pay plus 100% production bonuses during this time. No employee will experience an impact on sick, vacation, or personal days as a result of days spent at home during this pandemic.

• Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield quickly expanded health insurance benefits to promote greater access to remotely delivered services including expanded benefits for behavioral health issues the pandemic may create or compound while encouraging audiovisual and telephone visits.

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