Arkadelphia Bioproducts Mill Gets The Ball Rolling

Shandong Sun Paper Industry Joint Stock Co., Ltd., a leader in the international paper industry, and Pöyry Engineering have completed contract negotiations as plans get underway for the state-of-the-art bio-products mill project in Arkadelphia. 

Shandong Sun Paper will be investing more than 1 billion dollars in the bio-products mill. The mill will create 250 positions with an average annual salary of $52,000. In addition, 1,000 indirect jobs will be created as a result of the project.

Shandong Sun Paper has been named one of the Top 500 Enterprises in China as well as named one of the Top 100 Paper-Making Enterprises in the world. The continual unity between environment, society and enterprise is vital to Shandong Sun Paper’s purpose. Sun Paper as a whole has invested 2.9 billion RMB to pollution control and environmental protection. Through those efforts, the pulp wastewater has reached zero emissions and water consumption for every one ton of paper has been reduced. Both of these have set the precedent for the lowest international level in the industry. Shandong Sun Paper strives to continually contribute to society with actions in order to live and develop better standards for the industry.

With more than 50 years in the pulp & paper industry, Pöyry Engineering is the ideal partner for Shandong Sun Paper’s first mill in North America. Pöyry has an in-depth knowledge of the industry from raw materials and production through to end products. As the Shandong Sun Paper project continues, Pöyry will bring helpful insight due to being involved in 90% of the world’s major pulp mill designs.

Arkansas firms will work with Pöyry in the pre-engineering and environmental permitting phases of the project.